Asset & Business Planning

Whether the owner of a business or someone that has diligently managed assets to ensure sustainability into the future, you know from experience that planning is a critical component. Particularly, as the consideration of future potential changes come into play, taking the time to work with a professional to formalize plans and intent, will serve anybody leading a business or managing assets well.

No matter where you are in your journey of business ownership or asset collection, protecting what you have earned is vital. Planning allows you to raise awareness of risks and look for opportunities to capitalize on strengths. This forward-thinking approach is what asset and business planning entails.

Cross Law APC offers a plethora of resources and legal expertise to our clients. Working together we can help develop an understanding for the following:

  • The importance of asset and business planning
  • How to establish resources that will protect your assets and business

The Importance of Asset and Business Planning

In all stages of your life and business’ development, asset and business planning can serve as valuable tools. By taking the time to plan from the very first days of your business or asset collection you ensure you approach key decisions with strategy and remain prepared for any variety of scenarios.

Exposure in business can lead to civil claims filed against you. As you build your business new risks arise leading to a potential for bankruptcy as a result of a turn in the market or poor luck. In in times of success, there is the unavoidable burden of taxes. All of these elements can put you at risk to lose a lot of what you have worked to build and support.

Through planning you can take an active role in to minimize risk and protect the results of your hard work and success. Overall, we are here to help support your in creating resources that will ensure sustainability and long-term success.

Asset and Business Planning Resources

Each person and business has different needs. To meet these varied needs each plan should be customized to fit you. Cross Law APC offers a breadth of experience allowing us to explore the range of options that may best fit your needs.

Examples of services we provide in the areas of asset and business planning include:

  • Exploration of business structures reduce liability and tax risk, and shield individual assets
  • New business support in the areas of preparing and filing paperwork for sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs, LLPs S-Corps and C-Corps
  • Plan for business success to ensure operations continue to thrive through potential changes in leadership
  • Contract authoring, review and negotiations
  • Trust development to protect assets from creditors and potential civil lawsuits
  • Create strategic plans for investments to reduce tax impact as wealth is amassed and after your passing

Reach out to Cross Law APC today to learn more about how we can work with you as you explore asset and business planning.

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