LGBT Estate Planning


While laws have evolved to provide equality and protection to LGBT individuals, they still face many unique legal issues. Estate planning continues to be a legal challenge for LGBT individuals. By creating an estate plan and thinking ahead, you can protect and preserve your legacy and provide for your loved ones through your estate when you pass away. Cross Law APC can help LGBT individuals with complex estate litigations and can provide support in overcoming limitations.

While marriage among LGBT couples have been given equality in the eyes of the Supreme Court, individuals still face many challenges and complicated issues when planning their estates. We can help you understand these complexities and help you overcome them so you and your loved ones are protected and cared for when you pass away.


Why is LGBT Estate Planning Important?

LGBT couples ran into many issues with inheritance and medical decisions in the past. Now that gay marriage has been given nationwide legal recognition, there are more benefits and protections in place, but many issues still arise.

Should you choose to opt out of marriage despite legalization, but still want your partner to maintain their marital rights, you will need to create a full legal plan that will ensure your significant other will receive the same benefits of marriage when you pass away.


What is Involved in LGBT Estate Planning?

The steps to estate planning for LGBT couples differ among couples and situations including marital status, children involved, and other unique factors. These issues may include:

  • Guardianship and custody of children in the event of death to one or both parents
  • Funeral and burial requests
  • Inheritance of assets including property transfers and control
  • Estate tax issues
  • Medical emergency decision authority
  • Asset management in the case of incapacitation


Cross Law APC can help you and your loved ones address these issues and provide comprehensive guidance. Contact us today to begin estate planning.


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