What is probate, trust and estate litigation? 

A primary aspect of planning your estate is to ensure that your trust is legally stable. Your trust provides the official organized distribution of property assets from one generation to the next and allows you to decide which belongings will be given to whom. As with any other legal aspect, there may be problems with your trust that must be addressed with trust litigation.

At Cross Law APC, we provide experienced and effective trust and probate litigation with our highly qualified estate planning attorneys. Our goal is to help our clients develop litigation strategies that will hold strong and aid them in resolving any legal issues that may arise when dealing with their trust, probate and estate.


Why might trust litigation be necessary?

In some cases, the individual that created the trust may have lacked the legal capacity to do so, and therefore legal action may be needed to determine the validity of the trust. Litigation may also be necessary if there are questions as to whether the individual was coerced into creating the trust or including certain aspects in the trust. If the individual’s free will was inhibited by influence or persuasion, then litigation may be necessary.

We provide clients with extensive experience with trust, probate and estate litigation matters. We provide advice and support with various cases in which a trustee may find trust litigation necessary. To learn more about trust litigation, contact our lawyers today. We can provide consultation and solutions to the following issues:

  • Compelling Trustees or Executors to Account
  • Proceeding to Surcharge Trustees or Executors
  • Removal of Trustees or Executors
  • Obtaining Trust or Will information
  • Prohibited Transferee Care Custodians

Why might one need to contest a will?

The last thing you want to attend to when you are grieving the loss of a loved one is controversy over the person’s possessions and assets. Although, these issues are common and sometimes inevitable. One might contest the validity of a will if it was not signed properly, if there is a question about testamentary capacity, or if there is a suspicion of influence or persuasion in the creation or execution of the will. With Cross Law P.C., we can help implement certain strategies to avoid dealing with contested wills.


Let Cross Law APC help you with trust, probate and estate litigation.

Cross Law APC has extensive experience working with complicated trusts and estates. Our estate planning attorneys are here to help you with any estate issues that might result in litigation. Legal disputes over the estate and trust of a loved one between grieving family members is inevitable at times. We are here for you and your estate planning needs in those times of sorrow.

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