Young Families


There is never an age when you are too young to begin planning your life and making choices to build wealth and ensure a secure future for your family so you can leave a gift behind to your children. The majority of people believe that estate planning and asset protection is only necessary in your later years or if you are extremely wealthy, but this is not the case. Young families can benefit greatly from planning ahead of time.

At Cross Law APC, we offer guidance, advise, and legal representation to young families to ensure your loved ones and children are cared for in their future. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do to secure a stable and healthy future for your family.



Why Do Young Families Need Help Creating a Plan for the Future?

Once you graduate college and begin to build your career and family, the responsibilities you take on can increase immensely and you can benefit from various opportunities. At this phase of your life, your decisions can help you grow your wealth tremendously. You can take advantage of compound interest as well as save on taxes, build a business or grow your career—all while ensuring that your children are cared for.  

Although you may not be able to tell what the future holds, you can begin planning today and ensure you have a successful path in place to maximize your wealth and prosperity while preparing for the unexpected.



Start Estate and Future Planning Today to Protect Your Children

While every family’s needs are different, there are common issues and goals that every young family may need to address when planning their future. The attorneys at Cross Law APC can help you address these issues and take advantage legal tools to prepare for the following:

  • Developing an investment plan for retirement and your children’s education while minimizing any taxes that may occur.
  • Choosing a guardian for your minor children in case of an emergency so you are sure that your kids will be cared for.
  • Creating a financial plan to be sure your children are provided for in the future should you experience an unexpected death or become incapacitated.
  • Planning ahead to protect your growing assets and being certain that your family business or wealth is transferred to the next generation.
  • Evaluating insurance coverage.
  • Ensuring that you have named a power of attorney or someone to take control your assets should you become incapacitated or pass away.
  • Providing instructions on different medical care plans and how to put those in place should you become unable to communicate.


You are never too young to begin planning your life to ensure that your wealth will grow and your family will be taken care of. Contact Cross Law APC today to start planning.


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